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‘RHOP’ Gizelle Bryant Is Not Invited to Candiace Dillard’s Wedding 

The most recent addition to the “Real Housewives of Potomac” cast Candiace Dillard is all smiles about her upcoming wedding with Chris Bassett, but there’s one cast member she has no intentions of inviting to her big day.

Dillard and Gizelle Bryant got off to a rocky start this season and the bride-to-be confirmed with Bravo’s “The Daily Dish” that the 47-year-old reality star will not be invited to her wedding.

“My life is my life, whether I’m showcasing it for the world to see on Potomac or I’m just living in a hole under a mountain somewhere. My wedding is such a sacred and special time for me,” Dillard explained.

The former pageant queen also didn’t mention the attendance of Bryant’s sidekick Robyn Dixon, although she and Dillard got along and enjoyed each other’s company.

In April, Dillard spilled the tea to Bravo again and labeled Bryant and Dixon as “fake proper broads.”

“How exactly does one call themselves attending a press conference (with no press) in ‘support’ of their girlfriend only to ridicule and bully her,” Dillard said. “Gizelle calls herself a jokester, and Robyn co-signs. I have girlfriends who like to make shady jokes — that’s not far-fetched. But this really wasn’t the time or the place to ‘joke.'”

Dillard continued, “From the looks of this behavior, some of these girls really don’t even deserve the term ‘fake proper.’ Just ‘fake’ will suffice.”

The bride-to-be called the ladies out and added that they have too much “time” on their hands. “You are too free. Not booked enough. Hobby-less and without couth. I was disappointed and would have been beyond hurt and as angry as Karen was if that were my friend behaving that way toward me,” she stated towards Bryant.

The dynamic between Bryant and Dillard could possibly change in upcoming episodes, but the former pageant queen said for sure, “I will not be paying a dime for haters to sit at the table at my wedding.”

Dillard and her husband-to-be will tie the knot on August 11, 2018, in Washington D.C. according to Bravo.

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