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MSNBC Host Matches Wit with Candace Owens As She Tries to Overtake Interview

MSNBC host Craig Melvin didn’t hesitate to challenge conservative firebrand Candace Owens on her claims that the left uses “fear mongering” to get folks riled up over decisions made by President Donald Trump and his administration.

Their Thursday interview began with a discussion on African-American voters, who Owens argued have been “politically irrelevant for decades.” Owens claimed an increasing number of Black voters are fed up with the Democrats and are turning conservative, going so far as to predict that Blacks would abandon the left completely by 2020.

The discussion soon turned to Trump’s anticipated Supreme Court pick, which is expected to be announced on Monday. Melvin asked about 1973 abortion case Roe v. Wade, and if there should be a sort of “litmus test” ahead of the president’s SCOTUS pick.

“The fact that we’re even discussing Roe v. Wade is a typical leftist tactic,” Owens argued. “It’s fear mongering to get everyone upset and up in arms, and think that something’s going to be overturned … It’s just a way for the left to fear monger, which is what they always do.”

“ … What we see in the leftist media so much is every single week, you’re outraged over something else,” she continued. “[Trump] gets a Supreme Court pick, you have to move on, let him pick somebody and then we’ll start to talk about things, but this fear-mongering has to stop. There has to be more rational dialogue and thought here.”

Melvin challenged the notion, however, questioning if its only liberals who’ve been guilty of stoking public fear.

“I vividly recall being at a number of town hall meetings after Obamacare had been launched and people showing up with automatic weapons, people claiming that they wanted to take their country back,” Melvin said. “So to say that all of a sudden the left is up in arms — the right was up in arms for a while as well.”

“About the president in general, about him not being born in this country,” he continued. “That he was a secret Muslim. I mean, there are fringes.”

Watch more in the video above.

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