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Las Vegas Police Issue Statement After New Details In Tupac Shakur Murder Case Emerge

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Earlier this week, there were reports that stated the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department were preparing an arrest warrant for the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur, but it turns out that isn’t the case.

Back in February, on BET’s “Death Row Chronicles,” former L.A. gang member Duane Keith Davis, otherwise known as Keffe D, said the person who shot Pac was in the backseat of the car he was riding in, but because of the “street code” he wouldn’t reveal who it was.

Keffe D’s late nephew Orlando Anderson was one of the people in the backseat, and he’s always been a main suspect. Anderson was also seen fighting with the Pac right before he was shot.

“One of our homies said the Death Row guys are gonna have a concert at the 662 Club,” Keffe D recalled. “Tupac and Suge [Knight], they ain’t never show up. [We] stopped and got some liquor. We was gonna party and sh–.”

Afterwards, Pac and Suge headed to the 662 club and were spotted by Keffe D. According to the former gang member, he saw the “Dear Mama” creator lean out of the window after he was seen by some fans.

“There they come in that BMW,” said Keffe. “All the chicks was like ‘Tupac,’ and he was like ‘Hey,’ like a celebrity, like he was in a parade. If he wouldn’t even been out the window we would have never seen him. My partner bust a U [turn]. When we pulled up I was in the front seat. Happen to see my friend Suge … Going to keep it for the code of the streets. It (the shot) just came from the backseat, bro.”

The “Death Row Chronicles” episode marked the second time that Keffe D told that story, and he’s repeating it because of a cancer diagnosis and having “nothing to lose.”

In addition, since that episode aired, the LVMPD said they’ve been looking at the case from new angles but despite reports, have not made an arrest warrant.

“We are aware of the statements made in a BET interview regarding the Tupac case,” a statement read. “As a result of those statements, we have spent the last several months reviewing the case in its entirety. Various reports that an arrest warrant is about to be submitted are inaccurate. This case still remains an open homicide case.”

Meanwhile, Keffe D’s BET episode caused people to create a petition to pressure the LVMPD to name Anderson as the shooter and close out the case once and for all.

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