Vanessa Simmons Claps Back at Fan Who Shades Her Sister Angela Simmons

After Vanessa Simmons shared a sneak peek of her family on an all-new episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” she was forced to defend her sister Angela from a naysayer.

The clip saw JoJo Simmons telling Angela to “stop being petty” after he catches her glancing at Vanessa with her hoodie that read “Petty.”.

“Why you lookin’ at her like that?” he asks. “See the pettiness? … Stop being petty, boo, boo!”

One commenter took the clip as evidence that Angela was being a “hater.”

“@angelasimmons must be a hater, she has such a dry spirit and she seems selfish and spoiled which makes you not care for her!” wrote user @bitchbquiet5.

But according to Vanessa, that’s not the case.

“@bitchbquiet5 this isn’t true! @angelasimmons has a huge heart.”

vanessa simmons

In response, many fans have applauded the way Vanessa responded to the commenter with dignity — or otherwise telling her not to respond at all.

“@vanessajsimmons this foolishness isn’t even worth a reply but big ups to you responding in a classy way.”

“wow I adore your classy reply ❤❤.”

“@vanessajsimmons don’t reply to people with ‘b—‘ in their name. They usually have mental issues @bitchbquiet5.”

Still, one person felt that while Angela is probably sweet in real life, GUHH is portraying her in a negative light.

“Angela probably is a sweet girl. But in my opinion, the show is making her come off as if shes just all out for herself. I see why some people don’t like to do reality shows because it puts you in a bad light. There has been a lot of reality shows where I liked the person at first and then seen how they act on TV and couldn’t believe it. Ex. Kelly Price, Mary Mary (Tina Campbell). Her spirit does seem off though. No disrespect.”

Vanessa and Angela have been butting heads ever since Angela decided to work with another company instead of pursuing the leisure wear idea with her sister. This decision didn’t sit well with Vanessa. The duo met briefly before Angela stormed out of the room. Some felt the younger sibling is bitter about.

“I love u and Angela don’t let ppl talk about your sis because at the end of the day nobody [is] perfect. I don’t see what she did wrong she chose a business deal. It’s ok this happens a lot just do your own thing boo y’all both can win.”

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