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Here We Go Again: Man Calls Police On Black Women for Having Too Many Guests In Apartment Pool

A Black family’s day at the pool was essentially ruined after a man dubbed “Regulator Ralph” came over and accosted them about the number of guests they had at the pool.

The one-minute clip shows the man confront the group of women, who were lounging at the pool of the apartment complex where one of the women’s sisters is a resident. The man proceeds to question the women, trying to figure out which guest belongs to who.

“You’re allowed to have two guests per apartment,” he explained before he asks the ladies to leave.

“But what I gotta leave for?” says the woman recording. “Because we’re Black, we can’t swim in the pool? That’s not right. He’s a racist.”

Moments later, the man pulls out his phone to call police on the women for “breaking the rules” — but stops short of lodging a complaint against the dozens of white people hosting more than two guests at the swimming pool.

“Stop with the racist crap!” he shouts at the women when they point out the discrepancy.

“It’s like 20 people to each person and he’s worried about us and our Black kids,” the woman yells back. ” … My sister is allowed to have guests! You’re a racist! You’re not saying nothing to nobody else but us, because we’re Black.”

The incident comes just weeks after a woman dubbed “Pool Patrol Paula” berated and assaulted a Black teen at a South Carolina neighborhood pool. She later assaulted two officers who came to arrest her.

Watch more in the video above.

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