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Man Installs Camera to Catch Racist Neighbor In the Act After Texas Police Drag Their Feet 

Dante Petty

(Photo via Dante Petty Facebook Posts)

A Black man and his 6-year-old daughter moved to Grapevine, Texas in June of 2017 and his racist neighbor immediately began to terrorize the pair.

Dante Petty, 28, said it first started with his 64-year-old neighbor Glenn Halfin throwing eggs and dog feces on his car according to his Facebook post. The father said he filed a report with Grapevine Police Department, but they didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute the man.

However, Petty got creative and placed a surveillance camera outside of his home and caught Halfin in a horrendous act. The former firefighter and arson investigator tied a noose around a Black baby doll’s neck and hung it on the rails in December according to the Dallas News.

The 28-year-old reported the horrific incident to the police department and Halfin was detained and charged with stalking in January according to Tarrant County legal documents, the news source reported.

“Thank God I put a camera up outside my apt because when I saw this man hanging a doll off the rails,” Petty wrote on social media. ” I was so filled up with anger, I was ready to kill this man because if he open his door when I knock on It I would had beat his ass right there and I be In jail right now. ”

The father added, “Because you telling me by hanging black baby doll hanging from damn rope you wanna hang my daughter… But thank God that grapevine police dept. and the FBI got hold on my case.”

Dante Petty

(Photo via Facebook)

On Friday Haflin was charged with a misdemeanor of a civil rights offense. He was also evicted from the apartment complex where he harassed Petty and other apartments in Grapevine according to the 28-year-old’s Facebook.

Petty wrote, “I just wanna tell people my story and say Please Stay Awake Out here!”

A Tarrant County complaint accused Halfin of trying to frighten Petty and his 6-year-old along with other Black neighbors “because of their race and color” by tying a rope around the doll’s neck” and hanging the doll “on a railing directly in front of the stairwell.”

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