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RHOP Karen Huger Calls Out Robin Dixon and Gizelle Bryant for ‘Cruel Antics’

“The Real Housewives of Potomac” star Karen Huger slammed Gizelle Bryant and Robin Dixon for their catty actions at a charity event she hosted.
Huger was cornered by the two ladies during the “Congressional Black Caucus” event and she immediately called security to escort the women out. She blasted Dixon and Bryant for their discourteous behavior and said she doesn’t regret giving them the boot.
“Having security escort both Robyn and Gizelle out of my event was a no-brainer. These two women showed up to show out and out they went! Their failed attempt to ambush the Alzheimer’s event spoke volumes about their morals and lack of character,” the ambassador of “Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment” told Bravo.
Huger added that the Alzheimer’s event wasn’t the correct place nor time to address their issues with her. She admitted to being appalled at their lack of “morals”, “character” and “unbecoming behavior.”
She also confessed to the news outlet that Bryant was, in fact, lying about wanting Huger to support her at the Congressional Black Caucus event.
“My commitment to CBC has spanned over twenty years. CBC is a very powerful and honored event in our community which I have always and will continue to support,” Huger said. “It is important to note Gizelle intentionally did NOT want me at her booth, and for her to NOW say she wanted me to support her at the CBC is yet another LIE! She clearly stated she did not want me around her customers. Why would I visit her booth uninvited?”
The mother of two also expressed that she doesn’t have a problem with Dixon, but “she seems to have one with me.” During the episode, the mother of two accused Huger of being a liar. She said the 55-year-old told her that she’d attend Dixon’s event, but reneged and faulted her RSVP on a Siri miscommunication.
Huger said she didn’t lie to Dixon and it was an honest mistake.
“She needs to stop with the FAKE “I’m so hurt” lies. All I have to say is, Robyn please look at yourself. You’re an embarrassment not only to yourself, but you are a poor reflection on the historical CBC community and for what reason – why?”
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