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Graduate Is Honored for Perfect Attendance from Pre-K to 12th Grade

A Philadelphia teen recently graduated from high school with a perfect attendance record from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade.

Kevin Davis never missed one day of school out of 2,340 days and became the first student in history at Mastery Charter’s Pickett Campus to have perfect attendance.

“I see my parents go to work every day when they don’t feel good or when they’re in pain so I figured: ‘why don’t I do the same and go to school?” Davis said to Fox 29.

One of Davis’ classmates brought his accomplishment to the attention of Lila Corgan, one of Mastery’s teacher who then ensured the graduate was honored by the school’s principal Margaux Munnelly.

“This young man has never missed a day of school. And I’m not just talking about high school, from Pre-K to 12th grade,” Munnelly said during the graduation ceremony.

Davis said in spite of an injury he suffered, he still managed to attend school.

“Last year football season I tore my right ligament, dislocated my shoulder went to hospital and went to school the next day,” he added.

The graduate’s next objective is to attend culinary school and open a restaurant named “Oma Goodness” in honor of his grandmother who passed away in 2010.

Davis’ teachers at Mastery Charter created a GoFundMe page to help with his tuition for the culinary program.

“As its been rising, I’ve been checking the amount and Kevin’s been checking the amount and we’ve been texting each other like, ‘Yo its up to 6 thousand,’” Corgan said.

The graduate told the news station he was grateful and appreciates “everyone that did donate and help me, I appreciate that and their money isn’t gonna be wasted.”

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