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Teyana Taylor Disgraces a Mega Church In New ‘Hit the Floor’ Teaser

“Hit the Floor” basketball drama returns to tv with a new theme song and some new key players. The drama-filled show will continue to highlight the power, money, and jealousy within the LA Devil’s professional basketball team and its dance team Devil Girls.

The new season includes old-time favorites such as basketball player Derek (McKinley Freeman), his new father-in-law coach Pete (Dean Cain) and Devil Girl captain Kyle who’s (Katherine Bailess). Yet some fan favorites won’t be returning, such as Devil’s Captain Asha (Taylour Paige) and Devil’s player Zero (Adam Senn).

Singer and “Fade” dancer Teyana Taylor makes her “Hit The Floor” debut.

Taylor will claim her throne on the “Devil Girls” dance team during the new season, but according to the trailer the artist is stirring up the pot with a possible love interest who’s played by Terrence J. Taylor will star as a gifted choreographer named London, a girl who may have been involved in a scandal.

“I’m just a whore who took down a mega church,” London shouts at Terrence J’s character.

It looks like London may also be involved in a dance-off with fellow “Devil’s” cheerleader Jamie who’s played by Kyndall Ferguson. They’ll be competing for the spotlight on the dance floor.

Earlier this month, James LaRosa the shows creator, announced Nikki Minaj’s hit song ‘Chun-Li’ will become the official theme song for the show.

The show changed from VH1 to BET’s network for Season 4’s production and fans are excited about the series which airs July 10

Fans can barely keep their composure after watching the BET trailer and are anxiously awaiting the explosive season to premiere.

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