Bow Wow Races to Defend Jamie Foxx as Comedian’s Lawyer Dismisses Accusations, ‘Not Sexual Assault’

In a now-deleted Instagram video, Bow Wow blasted the woman accusing Jamie Foxx of slapping her with his penis and the “Beat Shazaam” star’s attorney has denied claims of sexual assault.

Bow Wow posted the clip Wednesday, June 13 telling women to “get the f— outta here” with claims that celebrity men have sexually harassed or assaulted them.

“I was going to let this s— slide. After Morgan Freeman, I said ‘Get the f— outta here.’ Now, Jamie…get the f— outta here,” says the rapper-actor, whose real name is Shad Moss, of the several women who accused Freeman of making passes and the one who accused Foxx. “A lot of y’all women need to get up off your mothaf—–’ ass and get a job man. Go get a f—–’ job. Stop tryna use celebrities as a [scapegoat]. Cut that s—out. Nobody believe you.”

He went on to blast those who have filed lawsuits against such celebs, many of whom — like Bill Cosby’s and Chirs Brown’s accusers — have been represented by attorney Gloria Allred.

“Y’all makin’ it bad for women out here that’s really gettin’ touched and abused by motherf—-s,” Bow says. “Get a job or sit down!”

But Foxx doesn’t need Bow Wow to defend him.

His lawyer issued a statement to BuzzFeed News Thursday. Allison Hart of Lavely & Singer said the woman’s allegations that Foxx hit her in the face with his penis in Las Vegas in 2002 when she wouldn’t give him oral sex technically isn’t sexual assault.

Hart initially told TMZ the claim is “false” and that her client would file a police report over the woman “filing a false police report against him.” She then told BuzzFeed to “immediately correct the false and highly defamatory headline so that it is clear that Mr. Foxx has not been accused of sexual assault.”

She added her client “emphatically denies that this incident ever occurred,” and noted “even if the alleged incident had occurred, the alleged conduct she described is not sexual assault.”

Hart said according to Nevada law, sexual assault in the state requires “sexual penetration.”

“In other words, under Nevada law, sexual assault is defined as a forcible rape,” she said in a statement. “Accordingly, even if the woman’s absurd claim that Mr. Foxx allegedly struck her in the face with her penis were true, which Mr. Foxx denies, it is not a sexual assault.”

Meanwhile, some have been backing up Bow Wow’s take while others disagree.

“Damn Straight #BowWow like Jaime said #MeToo #NotMe 16 years later #CallBS on that one.”

“I agree Bow!!”

“Who are we to say it’s a lie though? Show some empathy guys. We weren’t there to say that woman is lying.”

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