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Missouri Woman Joins the Unemployment Line with Other Racists After ‘N—-r Hunting’ Video Goes Viral

A Missouri woman is on the hunt for a new job after she was fired over what’s described as “one of the most racist, redneck Missourah scenes imaginable.”

Tabitha Duncan, 20, was booted from her waitressing job at the Social Bar and Grill Monday after video of her making outwardly racist comments was posted on SnapChat and then on Facebook, the Riverfront Times reported. The video has since gone viral.

The 15-second clips show Duncan, who isn’t legally old enough to drink, with a Michelob Ultra in hand as she sips and rides barefoot on the top of a truck as it creeps down a dark dirt road.

“We going n—r hunting today, or what?” one of her male friends asks off camera.

“Yeah, we’re going n—-r hunting,” another man replies, hanging halfway out the window.

“We’re f—–g n—r hunting right now, huh?” the first man shouts back.

With a smile on her face, Duncan eggs her friends on, saying, “You get them n—-rs!”

The video, which has been viewed more than 70,000 times, sparked immediate backlash, as outraged locals pressed Social Bar and Grill to fire Duncan. According to the Riverfront Times, the Hooters-like eatery had recently featured Duncan in several of its social media posts, but quickly pulled them after learning of her “incendiary comments” in the video.

“Social Bar and Grill and it’s owners have recently become aware of a vile, disgusting, and offensive video made by one of its employees,” restaurant said in a statement. ” … Upon learning of this, Social Bar and Grill immediately terminated this employee as soon as they could reach her!”

“The incendiary comments made by this employee absolutely does NOT represent the views, opinions, and policies of Social Bar & Grill and it’s owner, nor will they be tolerated in any fashion,” the statement continued.

The U.S. Air Force is now investigating the incident. Why? Duncan is reportedly a new enlistee serving in the reserves, the newspaper reported.

“We’ve been made aware of a video online of an alleged reserve Airman who made racially insensitive comments,” said a spokeswoman for the Air Force. We’re looking into the matter and we appreciate this being brought to our attention … Our Airmen come from all backgrounds and remarks such as these do not fall in line with our culture. We take incidents like this very seriously and action will be taken upon further investigation as necessary.”

The Riverfront Times reported that Duncan’s Facebook page featured memes praising President Donald Trump and a meme blasting NFL players who kneel to protest racial injustice during the national anthem. Her page went dark shortly after she published a quote about everyone making mistakes.

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