Fans Take Issue with Tiffany Haddish for Posing with Michael Kors

Tiffany Haddish was forced to respond to questions about bigotry after fans took issue with her photo op with designer Michael Kors.

“Just hanging with the Boys at my new favorite event @thetonyawards @michaelkors #weready #michaelkors #sheready #superfun,” Haddish wrote of her time at the Tony Awards Sunday, June 10.

But soon, folks slammed the “Girls Trip” star for associating with the fashion brand. They pointed to a 2015 report from satirical news website NahaDaily that claimed Kors said he’s “tired of pretending to like Blacks.”

“I thought Michael Kors didn’t like Black people?? 🤔🤔,” Instagram user @songbird0404 wondered.

“@songbird0404 took the words right out my mouth.. was just about to say was this the same guy quoted saying he can’t stand Black people and would rather they didn’t wear his designs?! #FOH I wouldn’t support him after that…..”

“Neither like Black people.. please don’t [sell] your soul 🤦🏽‍♀️.”

“Bed Wench.”

“Your Hanging with the grandkids who slaved and kidnapped Black people. I can help you.”

In response to @songbird0404, Haddish addressed fans’ concerns.

“From what I could see and feel that statement was not true,” Haddish responded. “I actually think he loves all people. I got the vibe that he just wants the best for all and have a Good Time in the process.”

tiffany haddish michael kors

Other IG users also chimed in to say the allegation that Kors doesn’t like Black people is false.

“@songbird0404 That statement was originally posted on the satirical website, NahaDaily. Unfortunately, so many people shared the satirical news on the internet without fact-checking. As a result, it spread like wildfire.”

“@songbird0404 Not only is that not true and has been proven to be fake, Michael Kors is one of the few mainstream designers who has always featured Black models in his show and ads. He is one of the few mainstream designers to ALWAYS PAY to advertise to US in OUR magazines like Essence, Ebony, Upscale, etc. Black women walking around wearing brands that have NEVER featured us. It took Celine 20 years to have a Black model in its runway show. Stop spreading unfounded rumors, especially when they have been proven to be false.”

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