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Student Does Full Presentation on Power Struggle of ‘Wakanda’ and Professor Has No Clue It’s a Fictional Country 

“Black Panther” dominated box offices for months and even scored big overseas, so it’s a little surprising one professor had no clue about the Marvel movie.

A college student and Reddit user AlexeyShved11 shared an 11-minute PowerPoint presentation with his class and detailed the economic and power struggle in fictional African country “Wakanda”. What’s the catch? His professor actually believed the content of the project, asking questions along the way.

Alexey said in the Reddit comment section that he’d mentioned “Wakanda” the day before his presentation in his International Marketing course and the teacher was extremely curious.

“I mentioned ‘Wakanda’ the day before jokingly and she questioned it, so I offered to do a presentation about the country and their power struggle. She was incredibly excited to learn about a country she had never heard of so I gave this,” said the Reddit user.

The student did just that and posted a video of his class assignment on social media. His professor completely bought the story until she went home and “Googled” the fictional country.

“She’s also the type of person who only watches tennis on TV so she had no clue what Black Panther was until we told her about the movie shortly afterwards,” Alexy said.

The educator asked the student about the “Black Panther” country and he told her that “the entire class was in on the joke and she thought it was funny.”

One Reddit user was shocked by the teacher’s cluelessness and commented, “How could she not know it was all fictional? Black Panther and Wakanda have been so prominent for the past 9 months.”

Alexy said in the comments that the presentation was not for a grade, but he did receive kudos from his classmates.

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