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RHOA Apollo Nida’s Fiancé Slammed on Instagram As Fans Learn They Dated While He Was Still Married to Phaedra Parks

The Internet had no mercy on former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Apollo Nida’s fiancé who shared a photo of she and her prison bae.

Sherien Almufti and Nida got engaged in 2016 just a few months before his prison sentence. Many fans and viewers were shocked when she made an appearance on the Bravo reality show claiming to be Nida’s girlfriend because he was still working through a divorce with ex-wife Phaedra Parks.

Well, the real-estate agent took to Instagram on Thursday to express how much she missed her fiance and social media users chewed her out.

Almufti wrote, ” #tbt Almost 4 years ago… Although it was a very sad day for us, bc you were leaving for a while… We still remain strong… I’m still here as I said I would be and I’m not going ANYWHERE!!! Love you to the core baby.”

Internet users immediately began gunning for the woman and even called her a “homewrecker.”

One person wrote, “Close your legs to that woman’s husband.”

Another said, ” [I] am pretty sure the girl just wanna be famous. I mean apollos youngest son is not even 4 so she was busy home wrecking another woman’s house. At the end Apollo will also cheat on her.”

A third Instagram user commented, “Your self-worth must be somewhere down someone’s toilet. You should be ashamed of yourself..his last son is not even 4 yet tearing family apart. You should get everything that’s coming for you. And I’m pretty sure you’re still with him because you have no self esteem, no confidence, no value..a trash for a woman…stupid trollop!”

Almufti appears to be unbothered by the comments. She responded by reposting the photo Friday with the caption #fbf because I enjoyed #tbt so much …lol! “So you trolls can get on your f**cking keyboard and make me the bad guy” 😂😂😂#pleasegetaclure but #youwishyouknew #foh #livingmybestlife #highonselflove #unbothered ❤😘💕

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