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Jamie Foxx Opens Up About the Mental Health Scare That Caused Him to React Similar to Kanye West

Celebrities and fans have questioned Kanye West’s mental state over the past couple of months, but comedian-turned-actor Jamie Foxx said he understands exactly what the rapper is going through.

The “Ray” actor revealed to Hip Hollywood that he’s also suffered from a terrifying mental episode. Foxx elaborated more on his dark experiences and said he sympathizes with West.

“I know Kanye don’t come from a bad place. And when he talked about the drugs, the mental drugs, I’ve had an episode of that. When he was talking about I went in for two pills and they gave seven pills, that’s real,” said the Oscar-winning actor. “And when that was happening, I was lucky enough to have people like my sister, like my family that said, ‘Yo, you can’t go out right now because you’re talking crazy’. “In my situation, I thought everybody had renamed everything in the world. This was a donkey. This was Nicaragua. Whatever it was.”

Foxx commended “The Breakfast Club” radio personality Charlamagne da god, for the way he handled the interview with “Yeezy” instead of trying to pan the artist out to be crazy.

“Here’s the thing. Look at the difference in the interview with TMZ and Charlamagne. Charlamagne recognized my man was in a place. So Charlamagne’s interview was different. He took care of my guy even though he knew my guy was way somewhere else.”

Foxx told Daily Mail in 2009 about his battle with alcoholism earlier on in his career. He said and it made him feel like he was losing his mind which was a childhood fear of his. After digging deep with the help of a psychiatrist, the actor reflected on an incident when he was 18-years-old that nearly drove him to insanity.

When Foxx attended a college party one night, his drink was spiked with the drug PCP (phencyclidine) which caused him to hallucinate. He said he learned later on that PCP makes an imprint. “I read up on PCP after it happened. It leaves a fingerprint and you can’t get it out of your system. It happened to me when I was 18 and I had 11 months of harsh flashbacks, and then when I was 26 I had a flashback just like that (snaps his fingers) – and another one when I was 32, and that was the last one, but I always worry about it coming back.

“I felt paranoid, and paranoia is craziness. It’s not good,” Foxx said. According to the actor he has since pushed past his fears and is currently working on his next major film “Spawn” which premieres in 2019.

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