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Watch: White Woman’s Attempt to Make Officer Arrest ‘Threatening’ Black Pool Guests Fails Miserably

The aftermath of a white lady calling the police on us for enjoying our pool day. Y’all met BBQ Becky last week, today we met Pool Patty. Feel free to share 🙂 Marquez GQ Flowers video by: Ja'Maya Burleson #GuapFest23

Posted by Serenity Jackson on Sunday, June 3, 2018

A drunken woman’s attempt to have a group of Black friends arrested fell flat after an Oklahoma City officer poked several holes in her twisted tale.

With slurred speech, the unidentified woman told police she was threatened by a woman at the neighborhood pool who refused to talk to her, after which the woman’s friends allegedly started ganging up on her and calling her names.

“I went over and asked the girl if I could talk to her and she said ‘no,'” she claimed. “…She asked ‘what do you wanna talk about?’ and I said I’m depressed and she said, ‘well, I think you should go.’ And then ALL of them started making fun of me and started making jokes.”

Pool-goers who filmed the woman’s drunken outburst said she’s the one who hurled threats at them first, saying she was going to kick one of the women’s asses for refusing to talk to her. The unnamed woman disputed this, however, saying she was only talking to her fiance, who she’d called on the phone.

That’s when bystanders said she went running from the pool area, screaming at the top of her lungs as if she was in danger.

“Did you [threaten] them before they threatened you?” the officer asked, prompting the woman to confess that she had indeed threatened to “beat their ass” first.

“I didn’t mean it, of course,” she told the officer.

“But then why would they (the bystanders) just start randomly taping you if you weren’t already causing a scene or something?,” the cop pressed further.

That’s when the woman’s story completely fell apart. After entertaining her side of the story, the officer revealed that he was flagged down by three men who had fled to the neighborhood’s other pool to get away from a “short little blonde-haired” lady who was either “drunk or on something” and causing a scene.

“I need you to really tell the truth and be honest with me,” the officer said. “Were you out here causing a scene?”

Despite being outed, the woman continued to deny that she’d caused a disturbance and insisted everyone else was lying and “ganging up on her.”

The bystanders were let go without incident.

Watch more in the video above.

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