Fans Blast Reggie Bush Over Comments His Wife Made ‘Just Trying to Fit In’


What was apparently meant to be a carefree, fun video of Reggie Bush and his wife turned into an attack on the former football star’s wife.

Lilit Arvagyan and Bush were out in Brooklyn, NY Friday, June 1 when she exclaimed “Look at them watermelons!” and Bush asked her what she was sipping on.

“Koo-Aid … Brooklyn, Kool-Aid,” she responds jokingly of her tequila-filled beverage before saying she was “just trying to fit in.”

“You just tryna fit in by saying it’s Kool-Aid?” Bush says. “You tryna say something?”

While Bush responded in just, Arvagyan’s, who is Armenian, comments didn’t sit well with Bush’s followers.  They promptly blasted Arvagyan and her former NFL running back husband.

“B—-, watch ya filler mouth 👊🏾.”

“Watermelon and Kool-aid huh. You let her call you n—-r too, don’t you Reggie?”

“@lilitslife exactly what do you mean by ‘fit in’ saying it’s kool-aid? Reggie that’s not funny.”

“A coon and his stupid wife. You were better off with Kim Kardashian.”

Neither Bush or Arvagyan have responded to the remarks. Instead, they’ve continued to post messages about their family and inspirational quotes.

My little princess 👑

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