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Andre 3000 Celebrates 43rd Birthday at Park Where ‘Barbecue While Black’ Incident Occurred

Andre 3000 surprised Oakland, Calif., fans when he showed up to Lake Merritt to celebrate his 43rd birthday Sunday.

The Atlanta-based rapper, whose real name is Andre Benjamin, posed for photos with fans on May 27 as they soaked in the weather, music and barbecue.

“I hella just vibed to some J Cole with Andre 3000 on his birthday in Oakland 😂.”

“So Andre 3000 just walking around lake Merritt solo today. I love Oakland.”

“In Oakland to watch game 7 and let’s see how this goes also we just saw Andre 3000 walk past us?”

That Andre 3000 was at the heart-shaped lagoon is significant considering what happened at Lake Merritt weeks ago.

A white woman called the police on Black people who were barbecuing, an incident which went viral after it was caught on tape. It led to an even bigger barbecue where Oakland locals came out in droves in a celebration of blackness; even political activist Angela Davis made an appearance at BBQ While Black.

Since the gathering, people have also made time to poke fun at the matter, as the 911 dialer became the center of a “BBQ Becky” meme featuring her calling the cops on various Black cultural moments, like Marvel’s “Black Panther” and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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