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‘Couldn’t Happen to a Better Guy’ Folks Have Zero Sympathy for George Zimmerman’s Misfortune

zimmerman broke

Accused murderer George Zimmerman has become the laughingstock of society after court documents revealed he’s penniless and millions of dollars in debt, so much so that he can’t even afford his own lawyer.

Zimmerman, who fatally shot unarmed Black teen Trayvon Martin in 2012, requested a public defender earlier this week after being charged with stalking a private investigator working on a documentary on Martin’s life. In court, the 34-year-old claimed that he was broke and unemployed without a dime in his bank account

Since his 2013 acquittal in Martin’s death, Zimmerman has racked up a number of charges, including one for assault and domestic violence. More recently, the Florida man was caught harassing PI Dennis Warren, who he once threatened to feed to an alligator.

Sympathy for the killer’s plight has been slim to none, however. Social media users came out the woodwork this week to celebrate Zimmerman’s financial misfortune.

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