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Johnny Gill Shows His Allegiance to Ralph Tresvant as New Edition Drama Builds

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Johnny Gill seemed to only want to thank fans for wishing him a happy birthday but they quickly took aim at the apparent shade he threw his New Edition bandmates days earlier.

“I can’t thank everyone enough for all the wonderful birthday wishes I received,” the 52-year-old wrote on Instagram Wednesday, May 23. “I took the time to read every single one of them. Because I’m always trying to figure out how to make sure everyone else is alright. I somehow forget it’s OK to be loved on and appreciated. And MAN… all of the messages reminded me how much I am loved!!! I appreciate you guys so much and thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

If Gill saying he forgot it’s all right to “be loved on and appreciated” wasn’t shady enough, the “My, My, My” singer seemed to take a dig at Ronnie Devoe, Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell and Michael Bivins while wishing Ralph Tresvant a happy birthday. They’re the portion of NE who are touring as RBRM sand Tresvant and Gill.

“Man you’ve sacrificed so much of yourself in so many ways,” Gill said in his birthday message. “A car has many pieces — from the fine interior to the fanciest wheels — but without an engine, it can’t go very far. You are the engine that’s carried the car for many years and I truly salute you, man.”

And despite Tresvant getting birthday wishes from choreographer Brook Payne and all NE members except Brown, the 50-year-old reportedly only thanked his fellow non-touring group member Gill.

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Fans have since been chiming in on the growing NE drama.

“Johnny and Ralph….you guys..(as well as RBRM) are losing fans man over this mess..not to mention money,” one person said. “Hey, y’all grown…do you..solo albums, movies, radio, solo concerts whatever, but at the end of the day, we all know the New Edition is the true moneymaker and mothership. But if y’all wanna fight, ego trip, lose fans and money going into your 50 and 60s…or wait until one of y’all died. Do you.#ashame #legacy.”

“I feel like this was Petti LaBelle type stuff, though Johnny,” another fan said. “Why throw gasoline on an [already] active fire? I thought you were the guy that always stayed out the way of B.S. I’m a lil disappointed. @therealralphtresvant why can’t you just do it for us, man. Please. I have [been] waiting my whole preteen and adult life to see & meet you guys. This comment is probably gonna just fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. Pride is a dream killer…. thanks guys.”

“To all NE members I’m posting this and all your pages… the comments I’ve read have been horrible from your so-called die-hard fans,” a different fan said. “NE please keep your issues off of social media and let us have our memories… I get it, it’s over. Glad I grew up in an era where NE was with me everyday! One love.”

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