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Marlon Wayans Backs Total Boycott of Houston’s Until Public Apology, Policy Is Changed

Marlon Wayans sees no issues with T.I.‘s call for another boycott of Atlanta-based restaurant Houston’s after a security guard was accused of roughly handling women who had used the restroom weeks earlier.

The rapper called out the upscale casual eatery when a Mother’s Day incident involving three women went viral. One of the women caught the aftermath of the other two being detained in the bushes of the restaurant after they were reportedly dragged out of the restroom, which they had used after the establishment closed at 10 p.m.

“This mistreatment is going way too far and at some point, this s— gotta stop,” Wayans tells TMZ Tuesday, May 22. “And we as a people —  not just Black people, minorities — humans, period — need to boycott places that mistreats people. Becuase at some point, it’s gon’ come back to yo ass. So, if you don’t acknowledge it … it’s gon happen to yo sister, it’s gon happen to yo daughter. And then you gon’ wanna join the f—ing movement … F— that.”

He added that people shouldn’t bend to their love of what the company in question sells — like good steak and curly fries. Wayans also said he knows two women involved, actresses Brittany Marie Lucio and Asia’h Epperson, who he each called a “sweetheart.”

“I’m just like, why would you mistreat people?” he says. “This mistreatment of people has to stop. Enough is enough. I ain’t gon set foot in that s— and anybody that’s a fan of mine that goes in that f—ing place, until they make a public apology and change their policy, they ain’t gon get none of this Wayans money. That’s for damn sure.”

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