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Sore Losers: Georgia Tennis Team Posts Racist Photo After Losing Tournament to Black Team 


(Photo: screen grab from Twitter/Rawstory)

The Telfair County High School tennis team really enforced the term “sore losers” after posting a racist picture following a tournament loss to a Black team.

Superintendent Lendard Harrelson was made aware of the photo and disciplined the students for their offensive behavior.

The photo was taken on Snap Chat following a state match that took Place in Rome, Ga. The boys reportedly were ‘salty’ after not winning the match against the other team, who were Black tennis players. The group of Telfair students decided to put white bags over their head with cut-out eye holes, WMAZ reported.

The image began making its way around social media and that’s when it was brought to Harrelson’s attention.

“The School District does not approve of this highly offensive behavior. An investigation was initiated and the students have received punishments accordingly,” the Superintendent stated. Details on the exact punishments doled out were not revealed.

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