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‘Gun! Gun!’ Las Vegas Woman Nearly Gets Man Arrested Because She Didn’t Want Him On ‘Her’ Block

A Las Vegas Man is ready to go to court after he claims he was threatened and harassed by an angry white woman who wasn’t too pleased about him being in her neighborhood.

James Ochoa detailed the frightening incident in a Facebook post on Tuesday, saying he was driving around looking for a portable toilet when the drama unfolded. Ochoa had just left work and had to use the bathroom but all the ones nearby were occupied. So he said he drove around the block to find some more.

That’s when a white woman whose dog had run into the street stopped and started questioning him about what he was doing on her street.

“This lady’s dog had run in front of my car, so I stopped and let her cross to get her dog,” Ochoa wrote. “I said nothing at all to her and then she yelled saying, ‘get off of my street!’ I said, ‘what did I do ma’am?,’ and she continued to argue and call me names.”

The father of two, who is Mexican, captured the woman’s entire tirade on video and shared it to social media where it’s already garnered more than 60,000 views. Users have ID’d the woman as a Summer Bellenger — a U.S. Marine.

“HELLLLLP!” she yells at the top of her lungs. “Gun! Gun!”

In his post, Ochoa said he drove off after he and Bellenger exchanged words and returned to work where he was working to finish a driveway. Moments later, he said Bellenger pulled up on his street, rolled down the window and pointed a gun at him.

“I didn’t know what to do, so eventually the project manager seen everything going down so he asked me to leave and meet at his office,” Ochoa wrote. “So I did and we called the cops.”

Once officers arrived, Ochoa said Bellenger admitted to pulling a gun on him. Police didn’t arrest her, however, but instead seized all the guns from her home.

“It’s not right what she did!” he wrote.

The Nevada man says he plans to take Bellenger to court over the incident.

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