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Don Lemon Has Zero Patience for Latino Trump Apologist Who Tries to Play Down Racism In America

During an intense panel discussion about racial division, President Trump’s former campaign official tried to defend the commander-in-chief but was instantaneously shut down by CNN’s Don Lemon.

The discussion was centered around New York attorney Aaron Schlossberg’s rant at a coffee shop against Spanish speakers. The panel members: Tim Wise, Tara Setmayer along with Lemon suggested that Trump’s actions may have generated an open platform for Schlossberg’s offensive remarks.

“Donald Trump has created an environment to divide people and make it okay because of the way he behaves and the things he has said,” Setmayer exclaimed.

The Latino commentator Steve Cortes, who worked for Trump seemed to disagree.

“Look, this guy’s an ass. I don’t know how else to say it. He’s an ass. He’s making fun of people for speaking Spanish. It’s offensive to everyone, certainly offensive to me as a Latino,” Cortes said. “To try to fix the behavior of one man, to ascribe the behavior of one man to Donald Trump to me is an absurd leap of logic. This guy’s a jerk. I don’t see the political banter.” The panel member said he could relate to the racial conversation because of his ethnicity.

However, Lemon quickly chimed in and put Cortes in his place saying, “I’m still talking… You can still be a minority and still be a bigot. You can be a minority and still make excuses for bigots, racists and homophobes…”

Cortes tried to justify his words, but Lemon clearly frustrated asked, “Can you stick to the point?” The CNN host snapped his fingers and added, ” It’s taking you too long come on, move it along.”

The moment Cortes brings up former President Obama, Lemon drops his head along with Wise and Setmayer who too sigh in exasperation.

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