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Xzibit Warns Troll who Threatened Snoop Dog with Gun

After Xzibit caught wind of social media star Woah Vicky wielding a gun and threatening Snoop Dogg, he’s issuing a warning to the teen.

“F— you, Snoop Dogg!” the 18-year-old said waving an AK in an Instagram video she later apologized for. “You a p—! You need to stop talking s— wit yo old ass! You probably got AIDS wit yo old ass! You little old ass b—-! Lookin’ like a chihuahua wit yo old ass!”

“I think, it’s too much too fast for some of these people,” the “Empire” actor tells BigBoyTV Friday, May 11. “And they don’t realize that there are consequences to all those things that you’re doing and saying. And, I think that the lines are getting blurred between entertainment and risking your life. And so now, it’s to a point where, Snoop Dogg ain’t gon’ be bothered by that, but it’s just the principle of it.”

And Snoop was unbothered. He posted an IG video of his own saying he had no time to “deal with the petty.”

“Imma leave it alone, though,” he said. “Because you don’t know no better.”

But Xzibit questioned what gave Vicky the gall to issue such threats in the first place.

“What have you accomplished that makes you feel like you have the authority to say my name in a disrespectful way?” X said. “And it’s not for me to start checking people and doing all that, but just realize the climate that we’re in. So now it’s like, I don’t really bother myself with people that are like that.”

He added that Snoop is going to have to calm others around him down so that they don’t retaliate against Vicky.

“It’s like really?” Xhibit noted of the IG star waving the gun around and shouting obscenities. “You don’t know what you’re doing.”

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