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Black Actress Slams Passenger For Asking Her to Clean-Up Mess on Plane

Chewing Gum” actress Michaela Coel shared a humiliating experience she endured while on a Virgin Atlantic flight.

Unlike past news-making incidents on other airlines, this case did not involve in-flight staff but passengers making racist faux pas.

“Congratulations to Virgin Atlantic passengers once again!” Coel said. “A lady just confused me for a hostess and asked me to clean up her mess and increase the flight temp. What I’m wearing… what the staff are wearing.”

Coel wonders how the passenger could be confused when she is pictured wearing all black while the staff is wearing red. While Virgin Atlantic has yet to respond, several users wanted to fight the passenger while others shared their own experiences being mistaken for the help.

“What does she look like? I just wanna talk…” one Twitter user said.

“They can catch these virgin claplantic hands,” another said.

“One time a lady asked me if I [worked] at Target, while I had sunglasses on, and an all black ensemble. #SomePeople,” someone else shared.

“I was once locked into a building at work,” another began. “This was my first job, I was dressed in a suit. A policeman came and described me as the cleaner when he radioed for help. Nothing wrong with cleaning but…….”

And even celebs like comedian Quinta Brunson and singer-songwriter Estelle chimed in.

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