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Woman ‘Embarrassed and Angry’ After Learning Date Doesn’t Exclusively Date Black Women and He Skips Out on Dinner Bills

A woman says she was left feeling “angry and embarrassed” after learning she was the latest victim of a man notorious for dining on expensive steak dinners, then leaving his dates stuck with the bill.

The woman, who asked to be identified as “Carol,” said she was excited to go out with a man named Paul Gonzalez, who she’s recently met on a dating site, according to Inside Edition. He seemed like a nice guy, Carol said, adding that Gonzalez would occasionally send photos showing off his muscular build and once claimed he only dated Black girls, which turned out to be a lie.

“He just knew all the right things to say,” she said of the man she knew as “Mike.” “And that’s what really makes me angry inside. ”

Things took a strange turn when the two finally met up for dinner at Mercado restaurant, however. Carol said Gonzalez claimed he had already eaten a full meal at the restaurant before she arrived, but still decided to order another steak dinner.

“He sort of patted his stomach and said, ‘I know it’s probably surprising but you’d be surprised; I can eat like two meals.’ ”

Gonzalez then tried to excuse himself from the table but restaurant manager Justin Levas quickly recognized the dine-and-dasher and ordered him to leave. Gonzalez has reportedly tricked over 20 women by dashing and leaving them with the hefty bill, including two other women recently interviewed by Inside Edition.

“This man needs to be stopped,” Carol said. “God knows how many other women he’ll attempt to do this to.”

Watch more of the video above.

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