Piers Morgan Cuts Mic on Pastor Making Disparaging Remarks About Black Lives Matter


Former CNN host Piers Morgan turned off the mic of controversial commentator and Trump supporting pastor Jesse Lee Peterson, who spewed offensive comments about the Black Lives Matter movement.

On the “Good Morning Britain” show, Morgan was speaking with British TV personality Trisha Goddard and radio host Jesse Lee Peterson about rapper Kanye West’s “slavery was a choice” remarks on TMZ Live.

However, during the segment, Goddard and Peterson got into a heated debate after the pastor suggested that racism does not exist.

“Racism exists, to say that it’s something someone made up is absolutely ridiculous,” the female TV personality fired back. “What do you think the KKK stands for then?”

Peterson exclaimed the KKK is an “evil organization” just like BLM. He added, “Black Lives Matter is a far-left liberal, radical, agitative organization founded by a bunch of black lesbians and homosexuals and radical social justice warriors.”

Morgan then intervened and muted the pastor’s microphone.

The “Good Morning Britain” television host apologized to viewers and said, “We would get a response from him but we cut his microphone because he was spewing such unpleasant stuff… We don’t mind having a debate about this but when it descends into rampant homophobia, you don’t get to say any more on this program. You get your mic removed,” Morgan explained. “Mr. Peterson, if I were you I would think very carefully about what you are thinking and saying here because I think a lot of Black people in America think you and Kanye and others are doing them a massive disservice.”

Morgan tweeted, “We silenced him.”

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