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Party-Goers Accuse Hollywood Club of Discrimination After Promoter Tells Them Not to Bring ‘Hood Black People’


Though Los Angeles has a reputation for being superficial, a Hollywood club is under fire after a patron claims a third party promoter instructed him not to bring any “hood Black people” with him to a party.

Speaking with FOX 11, Fatell Baldonado said he was planning on throwing a birthday party at The Argyle and reached out to party promoter Sharif Hasan, who works with the club, to help him get things ready.

“He said he could take care of me for my birthday, have some guests take care of me, give me a bottle or two,” Baldonado said.

Their conversation took a turn, however, when Baldonado mentioned bringing a large group of friends to the club. Hasan stopped him while he was ahead, warning him that Argyle was very strict about the kinds of people it let inside. He asked Baldonado to send him pictures of his would-be guests, saying they’ve “gotta be 8’10” — no hood Black or fat.”

Baldonado said he was shocked by the text message.

“I’m like, what do you mean bro?’ ” he said. “I was like so if I bring anyone Black, ghetto, anything — like whatever you discriminated against women that are plus size, they’re not getting in?? I was like, this isn’t right, you can get in trouble for this type of stuff.” Hasan reportedly replied, “Oh I can’t get in trouble, this is the club’s policy.”

Baldonado said he didn’t want to cancel the party since it was already planned. So, he and his friends showed up later that night only for things to go downhill.

The birthday boy said he and his guests were met with “blatant disrespect” as soon as they arrived at the club. He said Hasan started telling him that certain folks were not allowed in, mainly Baldonado’s African-American friends. Derick Jackson was one of them.

“The promoter was pretty much very aggressive with me,” Jackson told FOX 11.

Jackson said he was ready to pay the club’s $40 cover charge when he was told he wasn’t welcome.

“[Hasan] looked at me again and said, ‘you know what, I don’t want your money.’ You can’t get in,” Jackson recalled.

While some of Baldonado’s friends were granted entry into the club, most ended up leaving in protest, the station reported. The Argyle has been flooded with complaints in the past about its sexist and discriminatory policies. It currently has a two-star rating on Yelp.

“F–k this place,” one patron wrote. “The owners are pieces of shit and a racist and sexist I’ll never give this place my money again.”

“If you’re lighter than a brown paper bag, you’re in. But if not, don’t bother to go … it’s a waste of your time,” wrote another.

A representative from Argyle issued a statement in response to the controversy and noted that Hasan does NOT work for them.

“Our policies are completely inclusive of all individuals,” the representative told FOX 11. “We’ll occasionally deny entrance due to dress codes that are based on a common industry wide policy. Every one of our evenings are completely diverse. The words used are highly offensive and I can assure you they do not represent our culture or organization.”

As for Baldonado and Jackson, the friends said they won’t be returning to the club.

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