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Top 5 Stories You Missed While You Were Sleeping

United Airlines Being Sued For Suffocated Dog: United Airlines is being sued and may face criminal charges for the dog that suffocated in the overhead bin on one of its planes. The attorney of the dogs family told TMZ that United has not been able to answer questions about the dog’s death and refuses to give the identity of the flight attendant that instructed the family to put the dog in the bin.

National Day of Prayer: People all over the world will be praying today. The National Day of Prayer is today is an annual day the country sets aside to unify the nation in prayer. The day was founded in 1952 by the United States Congress to be held the first Thursday of May.

Bill Cosby Name Removed from Television Academy Hall of Fame Roster: More fall out from Bill Cosby’s guilty verdict. His name was removed from the Television Academy Hall of Fame’s online list of inductees. The academy’s spokesperson made it clear that “he has not been removed from the Hall of Fame.”

Military Cargo Plane Crashed in Savannah, Georgia: A military cargo plane crashed near the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport with no apparent survivors. All nine of the passengers flying in from Puerto Rico Air National Guard lost their lives. The “Hercules” Cargo Plane was reportedly performing a training mission.

World Press Freedom Day: Today March 3, is the annual World Freedom Day. World Freedom Day was established in 1993 to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom. This day also is to remember the lives of journalists who risked or lost their lives to report the truth.

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