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Parkland Shooting Survivor Shades Kanye West After He Says She’s His ‘Hero’

Kanye West says Parkland, Fla., high school shooting survivor Emma González is his hero, but that’s where the love fest ends.

The rapper tweeted Saturday, April 28 that González, whose speech at the March For Our Lives rally in March went viral, was his idol and he shaved his head after being inspired by her.

However, González, who has become an anti-gun advocate following the deadly February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, tweeted moments later that she also had a hero — and it wasn’t West. Instead, it is James Shaw Jr., the Tennesee man who battled a gunman at a Nashville Waffle House after the shooter killed four people and wounded four others on Sunday, April 22.

The blatant shut out of West, who voiced support for Donald Trump and NRA-backing Candace Owens, drew a reaction from Twitter users.

“Emma González’s response to Kanye calling her his hero is 🔥🔥🔥🔥,” someone tweeted.

“A few years ago, a shout out from Kanye West would make almost every teenager go nuts. Emma González was having NONE of it,” another user said.

“@kanyewest better get used to a bunch of shade at this point,” another said. “He has done it to his own legacy.”

“@Emma4Change glad you can see through Kanye’s BS,” another said. “Stay true to you.❤.”

Others pointed out the contradiction between West’s support for González and Trump.

“Kanye is confused as f—,” a user tweeted. “He said he loves @realDonaldTrump but @Emma4Change is his hero. That’s like saying I love Pontius Pilate but Jesus is my hero.”

“In less than one week, @kanyewest went from praising @realDonaldTrump to praising @Emma4Change who is in direct contradiction to everything Trump represents,” someone said. “I tried to tell you. YOU GOT TROLLED. Kanye loves and respects only himself and the attention his comments generate.”

“Kanye loving Emma González and Donald Trump is like someone saying that he loves Ted Bundy because of his energy and Malala Yousafzai because of her bravery,” someone else posted.

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