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MAGA Hat-Wearing YouTuber Reports Hooters Waitress to Management for Asking If He Supports Trump

YouTube provocateur Tommy Sotomayor is at it again, this time publicly shaming a Hooters waitress who asked if he was a supporter of President Donald Trump.

In a video posted to YouTube last week, Sotomayor is seen accosting a Black female server, who he said refused to fill his order simply because he was wearing the infamous red “Make America Great Again” hat. The avid vlogger, who calls himself the “king of controversy,” has taken heat in the past for his disparaging online content about Black women.

Tommy Sotomayor

Tommy Sotomayor (left) reported the waitress to a Hooters manager after he claims she made an “issue” over his MAGA hat. “(YouTube video screenshot)

The most recent video shows Sotomayor approach a table, which turns out to be his own party of guests, and begin complaining about the waitress who asked if he was a Trump supporter. He then points the young lady out to his group of friends, claiming she flipped her hair and stormed off when he responded that he indeed supports the president.

He walks over and asks the server her name, to which she replies “Shay.” She quickly turns her head from the camera and shouts “no!” however, after realizing she’s being filmed.

“That’s Shay,” Sotomayor says while walking back to his table. “Now, let me tell y’all what happened with Shay. Now, Shay is a waitress for Hooters. Shay walked up to me, saw my hat, and said ‘Are you a Trump supporter?’ while on her job.”

“So this is what I was trying to tell y’all about how, for some reason, our women act like being professional just ain’t nothing they gotta do,” he continues. “[Because] I don’t care what kind of hat I had on, if you’re servicing the people, would you then look at a person and say ‘Do you support Trump?’

“And then when I say ‘yes,’ she — ” Sotomayor added, jerking his head back to imitate the young woman’s alleged hair flip.

The folks with Sotomayor immediately took his side and began ganging up on the waitress, who they said was “triggered” by the MAGA hat.

“That’s f—ked up, man,” one of his friends said. “You’re spending money here. What the f–k?”

Moments later, the young woman walks over and asks Sotomayor to please not film her.

“You’re not on my camera, I’m pointing it at myself,” he shoots back, refusing to acknowledge the server’s face was on camera at one point. ‘Well I’m still filming and I’m not taking it off, so you can call the police.”

“We have to deal with Black folks acting like this,” he continues, ranting. “She gonna sit here and talk to me and take her off my damn camera.’

The YouTuber argued that instead of worrying about his hat, the waitress should’ve just filled his drink order and “left me alone.”

“I wasn’t going to go out of my way to be a d–k, but now I’m gonna let the manager know exactly what’s going on,” he says. “I’m going to let the manager know my hat caused your employee so much problem, she became a b—h.”

After someone points out the manager, Sotomayor alleges that Shay got “upset” with him over his MAGA hat and started “talking crap” to the guests at his table. The manager, who says he’s also a Trump supporter, calls Shay over and asks why she made fun of Sotomayor’s cap.

“I would wear that hat!” the manager says.

The waitress explains that she never made fun of the hat, but simply asked if Sotomayor was a Trump supporter. The YouTuber rebutted this by claiming that Shay made a “whole issue” over his hat. The waitress eventually walks away to tend to her other tables.

“Look at how she’s being disrespectful,” Sotomayor says to the manager. “This is what this woman has been doing for no reason at all … this is the craziest crap. Her job is not to ask me about my political affiliations.”

The famed vlogger later took to Twitter to address the confrontation and demanded that Hooters offer him something to atone for the incident.

“Happy that @Hooters took time out to follow me but still waiting on corporate to offer something in the form of making up for this incident!” he wrote. “I mean look what starbucks had to do… maybe liberals get resolutions but not conservatives who knows?”


As reported by the Daily Mail, the conservative commentator has received backlash for his videos in the past. The website cited a petition demanding that his content be removed from YouTube, arguing that the clips, which have included titles like “Tommy Sotomayor Explains How Black Women Are Openly Beggars When Dating” and “Name the Only Race of Women Willing to Stand in Line for Hours to Buy Bundles of Other Humans Hair,” had “created incalculable amounts of emotional, psychological, and physical harm against Black women and girls.”

The petition has garnered over 13,000 signatures.

Watch more in the video below.

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