D.L. Hughley Speaks on Hypocrisy of How Some Wealthy Men Accused of Sexual Assault Are Treated


A Little Note From The G.E.D Section!!

Posted by D.L. Hughley on Friday, April 27, 2018

Comedian and radio host D.L. Hughley highlights the difference between two powerful celebrity men who’ve both been accused of sexual misconduct.

Bill Cosby, who starred in one of the most popular Black sitcoms in the 80’s was found guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent assault on Thursday (Apr.26). However, many are wondering why others such as Harvey Weinstein and President Trump, who face a boatload of similar allegations of sexual assault, remain free men.

During a segment of “The G.E.D Section” Hughley compared Cosby and Trump, two powerful men positioned around sexual claims.

“There are two older wealthy men, both of them are of NBC,” the radio host said. “Both of them were accused by several women of assault, and now one is convicted.”

Hughley discussed how both men have made public “derogatory” comments about women over the years. He mentioned Trump’s “grab her by the p***y” remark made in 2005 and Cosby’s “Spanish Fly” joke about him slipping a toxic aphrodisiac in women’s drink on the “Larry King” show. Hughley noted that both men have abused their authority to get their way with female victims.

“Both of them used their power and privilege to denigrate those women and mitigate them. They’ve used their power and privilege to deny them justice, to call them liars,” the actor said.

Hughley concluded the segment and signalized the obvious difference between Cosby and Trump. “Two wealthy men, one Black, one White, both had several women accusers. The difference is the Black man is going to the big house… The white man is in The White House.”

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