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Fans Go to Bat for Angela Rye After Trump Apologist Calls Her ‘Ghetto’

Fans jumped to CNN commentator Angela Rye’s defense after a Trump supporter called her “ghetto” for criticizing the GOP’s tendency to explain away blatantly racist comments made by President Donald Trump.

The Twitter user’s comment followed a heated debate between Rye and fellow contributor Amanda Carpenter during a Tuesday appearance on “CNN Tonight” with Don Lemon. Their discussion on the president’s latest upsetting remark, in which he used the word “breeding” in a tweet about immigrants, quickly devolved into a war of words between the two over who’s to blame for normalizing Trump’s racist rhetoric.

“I think the moment Donald Trump became the Republican nominee they agreed to normalize racism,” Rye told Lemon, calling the party’s policies “woefully horrible.”

“You have to at some point say Donald Trump is the Republican party’s Frankenstein,” Rye said before being cut off by Carpenter. “They have to own this. Amanda, you can roll your eyes but I but I am –”

“Finish your point,” Carpenter interjected.

“I am, I don’t need your permission to do that, okay?” Rye shot back before continuing to lambaste Republicans’ complacency of Trump’s “coded” racism.

The exchange didn’t sit too well with self-professed Trump supporter Joshua Hall, who ripped into Rye for lumping all Republicans in with racists.

“Amanda Carpenter nailed it on CNN,” Hall tweeted. “@angela_rye loves labeling every Republican on the face of the earth as racist when in reality, 0.01 percent of ‘Republicans’ who call themselves white supremacists are actually Nazis. ‘Cousin Angela’ is the true racist – straight outta the ghetto!”

Hall’s comment sparked swift backlash from fans who condemned his racially-charged rhetoric.


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