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Amber Rose Explains Why She Walks Around Naked In Front of 5-Year-Old Son

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Staunch feminist Amber Rose is so provocative in her parenting style that she has no qualms about going nude in front of her 5-year-old son. And she says there’s a reason for it.

The “LoveLine” host explained to Us Weekly earlier this month that she’s ensuring Sebastian Taylor Thomaz becomes a feminist by exposing him to nude women at a young age.

“I do have, like, naked women all over my house. Like, pictures of vaginas, full-on vaginas. And so, like, my son, he sees so much and I’m very free with my body,” she said. “I walk around naked around my son all the time. I don’t [stop him when] he walks in a room, I don’t go, ‘Don’t come in! Mommy’s getting changed!’ I don’t make it a bad thing where he’s like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry!’ It’s just like, ‘Oh, my mom’s naked. Who cares.’”

Rose, the founder of SlutWalk which promotes awareness about gender inequality, said she dreams her son with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa won’t engage in conversations about women being hoes because of how she’s raising him. In fact, she said he’s already sharing what he’s learned from mom on playdates.

“‘When his friends come over for playdates, they’re like, ‘What!’ They’re looking at all the pictures and stuff,” she said. “But, like, my son says, ‘It’s a vagina. That’s where babies come from.’ My son knows about periods. He knows all that. He knows everything.”

While the parenting style seems to work OK in the Rose household, several Twitter users aren’t onboard.

“A mother walking naked around her 5-year-old son, having pictures of naked women and vaginas is okay according to Amber Rose,” someone said.  If they had a daughter and @wizkhalifa did the same, would it be okay??? Stop defending trash women!!!!”

“Amber Rose’s ‘my son will be a feminist because he sees me naked all the time and I have pictures of vaginas hanging up’ is so dumb,” another user tweeted. “Feminism isn’t just about sex. Stop forcing your sexuality on your child. A child.”

“I’m lost on why people find Amber Rose’s parenting acceptable,” a Twitter user said. “She walks around naked in front of her son, has photos of [the] vagina on the wall even when his friends come over, twerks for her son? Like, come on.”

Despite the backlash, however, some people support what Rose is instilling in her son.

“Amber Rose is definitely raising her son in a very liberated fashion which I condone,” a person tweeted. “She’s tryna condition him to view nudity and female anatomy in a normalized/nonsexual way and I honestly think it’s great.”

“I think its so f—ing weird people are mad at Amber Rose for just being naked in front of her kid in a NON SEXUAL manner,” another person said. “But no one even flinches at the hundreds of porn videos u can find that oversexualize incest/mother & son relationships… y’all weird also don’t @ me.”

“So what happens if Amber Rose walk around naked in HER house, around HER son? I need answers. A lot of Caribbean parents walk naked in the house,” someone else said. “Mind you, my ‘dad’ would never but my mom… alla di time. Up to now.”

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