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While Waffle House Hero Raises Money for Victims, Others Raise Over $50K for Him

waffle house hero

James Shaw Jr. raised funds for Waffle House victims. (GoFundMe)


James Shaw Jr. didn’t want to be a hero but he wound up one anyway when he wrestled an AR-15 out of a Waffle House shooter’s hands. And while he’s raising funds for victims of the Nashville shooting, others are collecting donations to help him.

Shaw, who was at a Tennessee Waffle House in the early hours of Sunday, April 22 when the gunman opened fire, raised more than $111,000 in a day for the families of the four people killed and four people injured at the restaurant.

Meanwhile, journalist Yashar Ali was moved to help Shaw, a father of a 4-year-old daughter.

“Part of the reason I decided to start this is James, after putting his life on the line, started a @gofundme for the victims. He really represents the best of America and I think we should help him too,” Ali tweeted moments after sharing the GoFundMe link Monday. “So far over $6,000 has been donated. Thank you!”

In less than a day, the GoFundMe campaign, which was launched to send Shaw’s daughter to college or send them on a nice vacation, has begun closing in on it’s $100,000 goal with over $85,000 raised. And the campaign has benefited from celebrity donors too. Actress Busy Phillips donated $1,000 while TV stars Jon Cryer and Kristin Davis donated $500, according to The Blast.

“I just donated and it feels good!” Davis tweeted. “Good to help someone who stood up and did the right thing, thank you James Shaw Jr.! And I love everyone who is donating too!”

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