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Waffle House Hero Raises $100K for Shooting Victims As Restaurant Offers to Pay for Their Funerals

waffle house pays for funeral

(Bob B. Brown/Flickr)

After the weekend’s Waffle House shooting that claimed the lives of four patrons in Nashville, the Atlanta-based chain has offered to pay for their funerals. It also offered to assist in covering medical bills for the four who were injured.

A WaHo representative told TMZ Tuesday, April 24 that they’ve contacted the families of the victims to try to help with funding if needed. Those who were shot and killed by suspected gunman Travis Reinking are 29-year-old Waffle House worker Taurean Sanderlin, 20-year-old Joe Perez, who worked at his brother’s appliance moving business, 21-year-old student DeEbony Groves and student and rapper Akilah Dasilva.

Pat Warner, Waffle House’s director of PR, told TMZ that CEO Walt Ehmer and the senior management team have had personal visits with the families of the deceased and other injured victims to give condolences and assistance.

Additionally, company leaders have reportedly begun a personal relationship with James Shaw Jr., who disarmed the shooter and prevented more lives from being lost in the process. They’ve offered him assistance as he launched a successful GoFundMe campaign to help the victims of the shooting.

In one day, his fundraiser surpassed his $15,000 goal and collected over $101,000. And donors are continuing to give.

Meanwhile, police have apprehended Travis Reinking after he spent a day evading authorities and social media users are giving their input on the WaHo’s generosity.

“That is very respectful of the company,” a Facebook user said.

“I’ve NEVER eaten @the WH, but kudos to the company for looking out on the families.
#BlessedGesture,” someone else said.

“What a great gesture for such a horrific tragedy,” another person wrote. “May they all Rest In Peace.”

They’re also chiding the restaurant over a Black woman at an Alabama Waffle House, who was brutally arrested Sunday, April 23 after a dispute over plastic utensils.

“You mean they have the money for all that but not some plastic sporks??? Chillle,” a commenter said.

“But can’t give you plastic utensils to eat your damn waffles!” someone else echoed.

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