Fans Clown Ex-Destiny’s Child Member for Wanting a Reunion with Original Members


Farrah Franklin’s time with Destiny’s Child may have been short-lived, but the singer still wants in on a full reunion of the group.

Franklin told TMZ Saturday, April 21 that she had no expectations of joining Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle at Coachella last weekend but she was still happy to hear their music.

“If the opportunity arose, I wouldn’t say no [to a reunion including the original members]. “But until then, I’m just working on my own stuff.”

The first Destiny’s Child lineup included Bey, Rowland, LaTavia Robinson and LeToya Luckett. Then, Robinson and Luckett left the group in 1999 and were replaced by Williams and Franklin.

Despite Franklin’s booting nearly a decade ago, she had nothing but praise for the final DC lineup’s performance at the music festival, where they belted out hits like “Say My Name” and “Soldier.”

“They killed it … I was happy to see them together,” she says. “You can’t deny the performance and the love between the girls and they did a great job.”

Yet if she were asked to rejoin the group at the festival, Franklin, who has made more headlines in recent years for run-ins with the law, would jump at the chance.

“Of course I would, I mean, why would I not want to?” she says before adding, “I’m definitely proud of the girls. They definitely are missed. It’s been a while and I’m happy to see them all going their own ways and doing their own thing and it would be a blessing for us all to get together and reunite and just put everything negative in the past and just look forward to a positive future. We’re all adults now and older and I know the fans would love to see it.

“I have positive hopes and I’m in a different headspace … call me!” she adds.

But despite Franklin’s enthusiasm, it seems fans aren’t hankering for a reunion that includes the singer/model.

“She said I know the fans would love to see it lmaoooooooooooo,” a YouTube user said.

“Girl didn’t even last three months in the group. Bye✌,” said someone else.

“Girl bye! Solange was in the group longer than her! She was only in the group for like a month! We would love to see Bey, Kelly, Michelle, LeToya and LaTavia and Solange! Hope she found her luggage,” said another in reference to Farrah being kicked out of the group by Beyoncé on television.

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