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Steve Harvey Guest Sues for Sexual Harassment After Interview Goes Terribly Wrong

A former guest on Steve Harvey’s talk show has filed a suit against the comic saying she felt sexually harassed on the program.

Dominique Collier is seeking $2 million in damages after being humiliated on stage at “The Steve Harvey Show” in 2016. According to documents obtained by TMZ, the fitness model agreed to appear on the now-canceled daytime talk show after responding to a casting call which sought, “single professional women who like to show off their looks.” The suit also states that producers told the plaintiff her life as a single mom would be showcased.

However, when Collier arrived on set, she claims personnel had her change out of her long-sleeved blouse and pencil skirt and into a halter top and fitted skirt. The final segment ended up being one about Collier’s family members claiming she dressed “too sexy” and her receiving a makeover for a date.

In addition to photos allegedly being altered to make Collier appear sexier, there was also a segment which saw the audience describe her looks. The results included, “slut,” “whore,” “ratchet,” and “daddy issues.” Even though a cease and desist letter prevented the segment from airing, Collier already felt hurt.

The plaintiff also said she felt demeaned and sobbed backstage as Harvey handed her the outfit she came to set with, including her bra and underwear. The result was her feeling sexually harassed.

Collier names Harvey, the production company Endemol Shine and the show’s former network home NBC as defendants.

And while Harvey has not publicly responded to the filing, others are saying Collier is simply looking for a payout.

“A ho and gold digger suing Steve Harvey,” someone said.

“She must be desperate for some cash,” another commented.

“I really can’t believe you would try to sue after saying you had a great experience,” another commented. “Some people have no shame.”

“She really enjoyed all of the televised attention during those moments,” another person said in part. “And I bet had her date worked out with Mike she never would’ve sued Steve. She’s looking for a payoff. It won’t happen, captain.”

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