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3 Ghanaian Teens Secure Acceptance Letters, Scholarships from Harvard, MIT and Yale

(CitiNewsRoom/Twitter)Katia Maame Dufie Osei,  Afia Sarpong Frimpong, and Isabelle Quaye

Three Ghanaian teenage girls’ SAT scores were astronomically higher than 99 percent of all test takers in the world and they’ve been accepted into the most prestigious colleges in the U.S.

Katia Maame Dufie Osei, Afia Sarpong Frimpong (both of Wesley Girls’ High School) and Isabelle Quaye (Ghana International School) were top picks compared to other applicants who applied to Harvard, Yale and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) according to Ghana’s Citi Newsroom. The students’ exam scores were extremely impressive and each girl was admitted to more than one elite university.

Harvard University has a low acceptance rate of 4.59% plus their admit rate is the lowest this year (2018). One of the young scholars, Osei, 17, was also accepted to Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania. Due to her outstanding academic credentials, she was named one of the few Ghanaian females students to obtain a full scholarship to Harvard University, the news source reported.

Frimpong also set the bar high being admitted into Yale University with a full scholarship.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is known for their tedious inimitable engineering and technology program at only a 6.9% admittance rate. Nevertheless, Quaye’s grades and test scores ensured her spot and acceptance at MIT. She was also accepted into the California Institute of Technology and Princeton University.

34 other Ghanaian students were admitted into prestigious American colleges and received full scholarships through the assistance of AFEX Test Prep. The estimated total of scholarship funds is about $16.2 million for the last four years.

Ghanaians have been celebrating the girls’ success and took to Twitter to congratulate them.

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