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Erica Campbell Gets Backlash for Traditional Take On Marriage: ‘I Believe In God’s Order’ 

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Erica Campbell doesn’t believe in referring to her self as a boss. (Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)

Mary Mary singer Erica Campbell has been married to producer Warryn Campbell for 17 years but she likely wouldn’t credit their success to her being a boss.

Unlike the many women who strive to be the ultimate foreman, Campbell told The Grio Wednesday, April 4 she lets her husband take the lead.

“I believe in God’s order. I believe the man is the head of the household. He leads, I follow,” she said. “I like to say we’re a team. I don’t think elevating my husband minimizes me in any way because its impossible to minimize me.”

Campbell further explained that women “emasculate men” and that ladies referring to themselves as bosses can be harmful.

“It doesn’t have to be, but it can be depending on where the source of that title is coming from,” she says. “A lot of times the things we say are because we are trying to convince ourselves of something. We do a lot of campaigning about who we are as opposed to just being who we are. I don’t have to do that. Most wealthy people don’t come in yelling that they’re wealthy.”

And along with letting her husband take care of her, she won’t pay her own way in a marriage. That means everything from date nights to the mortgage are all up to her multi-instrumentalist hubby to pay.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with y’all,” she said. “I got married because I wanted to be taken care of. … I will cook and I will clean and I will make sure that you’re happy in all the areas of life. I have no problem with that.”

In response, some people disagreed with the singer’s traditional views.

“That dude has an ego problem…in a bad way but whatever makes y’all happy,” someone said.

“If that’s what she wants good for her. But to say this is what God wants as if to pretend to know what God wants is quite the leap,” someone else offered. “I believe God looks at both male, female and in between as identical and we are supposed to work in equality within and out the marriage. I am aware that’s not what the patriarchal church wants us to think but if God is not human and it’s a being then all this nonsense about a leader and follower is just that, nonsense. We just live to put our human senses into things and call them God.”

Yet others supported the way Campbell operates.

“Amen,” someone simply agreed.

“What she says in the article makes [sense],” someone commented. “‘I don’t think elevating my husband minimizes me in any way because its impossible to minimize me.’#facts.”

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