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Woman Spits, Hurls Racial Slurs at Restaurant Worker Over Cup of Water

Disturbing footage captured a woman’s racist attack against a U.K. chicken shop worker after he reportedly refused to give her a free cup of water.

In the video filmed by the restaurant worker, the young woman is seen hurling a number of racist insults and abuses at the man, calling him the n-word and telling him “to go back” where he came from. At one point, she repeatedly spits at the man over the counter.

The incident is believed to have occurred at the Chicken Stop restaurant on the corner of Division Street and Carver Street in Sheffield city center, according to Daily Mail.

The two-minute clip, published last week, shows the woman leave the store but then return to the counter where she starts shouting and yelling profanities at the man, who stood his ground as he silently filmed the tirade.

“We’re from England brother,” the woman says, swaying from side to side. “Go back to Algeria, you f—–g disgrace.” Another woman who appears to be the attacker’s friend is seen trying to pull her away from the counter, but she eventually gives up.

The woman then spits at the worker once again.

Watch more of the clip above.

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