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Tyrone Hankerson Jr. to Sue Howard University For $10 Million Amid Financial Aid Scandal

Howard University student Tyrone Hankerson Jr., is reportedly suing the school for $10 million for leaking his financial records amid financial aid scandal.

The student’s attorney, James Walker, confirmed that’s he’s conjured up a lawsuit to file in the D.C. Superior court April 6, WAMU reported.

Hankerson became the center of attention after an anonymous person posted on the blog “Medium” accusing him of embezzling roughly $429,000.

Although the blog was later taken down, the damaged had already been done and according to an interview with CSBN, “Life ain’t been no crystal stair,” Hankerson said.

Students were in an uproar after learning that funds had been mismanaged and that six employees in the financial aid department were terminated. The financial scandal has had a massive impact on low-income students specifically, who may have an outstanding balance on their bill, said Howard University president Wayne Frederick.

HBCU students have since staged sit-ins in the administration building and protests with their lists of demands.

Hankerson has proclaimed his innocence and said he’s faced “bullying and harassment”. He’s also told CBS ” life has turned completely upside down.” His attorney Walker united with Hankerson on the news network and placed blame on Howard University for “leaking” the student’s records.

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