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Halle Berry’s Refreshingly Real Take On The One Thing She’s Looking for In Her Next Man


An Instagram post Halle Berry made Tuesday may seem innocuous, but the star’s caption is pretty telling. What’s also telling? A response she gave to a fan who asked her to elaborate.

“Life has taught me that confidence is silent,” she wrote in the caption of the post on April 3. “Insecurities are loud.”

When a fan wanted to know what the actress learned about relationships, Berry didn’t hold back, letting everyone know “life” had a lot to do with the men she’s shared her’s with.

“To find a confident man,” she said.

halle berry

In response, fans shared their take on her statement.

“Good advice!” a commenter wrote.

“Amen to that,” another said.

“Confidence is not the absence of insecurities,” someone said. It is acknowledging those insecurities and not allowing them to ruin your behavior. Our thoughts are not who we are.💕”

“Be confident is to speak up for what is right, rather than being silent. Isn’t it?” someone else said.

The response to the fan, however, indicates that Berry may not be giving up on love like she said she would back in December. The star posted a photo of a rope in the shape of the heart with the caption, “Done with love.”

Not many would fault her, though. Berry’s been pretty unlucky in love over the years. She had a failed marriage to singer Eric Benét due to his cheating. After they divorced in 2003, she had two other high profile relationships with Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez, each of whom she has a child with. She also dated British producer Alex Da Kid, with whom she split over the winter.

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