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‘Black Panther’ Actress Dorothy Steele Finally Meets Steve Harvey After Viral Video

“Black Panther” actress 92-years-old Dorothy Steel has received a lot of fanfare since landing a role as a tribal leader in Wakanda. The ‘Black Panther’ star can now add “The Steve Harvey Show” to her list of accomplishments. Steel posted a message on social media a few weeks ago hoping to land an interview with the “Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man” author, and it worked.  The viral video got Harvey’s attention and he flew the star out for an interview.

Steel said she landed the role as the “Merchant Tribe” elder after her agent recommended she audition for the film. She said she was a little hesitant about auditioning. “There is no way I will be in no comic strip at my age,” she explained. Then her grandson convinced her to practice for the role. “Grandma you always talk about stepping out on nothing, let your faith take you there. Either you’re going to step out there, or you gone shut up.”

The actress said she practiced Nelson Mandela speeches to imitate the accent and embody the culture. “I went to the computer, and every day I practiced Mandela.” She told Steve she didn’t send in the audition until she thought it was right.

Steel said after her agent sent the audition tape to the production team for “Black Panther” they said, ” Who is this old lady, we want her.” She was honored to be in something that has impacted the Black community in such positive way. She said, “Can I say ‘black’ ?” Then she crossed her arms and said, “Wakanda forever!”

Winston Duke, who was also in the film as “Mbatu”, posted the video of Steel on “Steve Harvey Show.” “Friends! Let’s bow with respect to Ms. Dorothy! She’s everything!”

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