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What About Inflation? Trolls Can’t Stand ‘Black Panther’s’ Dominance at Box Office

black panther

“Black Panther” has become the first film since 2000’s “Avatar” to top the weekend box office five straight weekends. (Marvel Studios/Disney via AP, File)

The “Black Panther” reign just won’t let up! And neither will the critical trolls who try to knock the blockbuster film.

The Marvel release just surpassed the $652.3 million domestic gross of “Jurassic World” to become the No. 4 grossing movie ever, pulling in $652.5 million. Deadline reported Tuesday, April 3 the movie also overtook Disney’s “Frozen,” which earned  $1,276.5 billion globally. The $1.279.2 billion worldwide gross for “Black Panther” secures its spot in the top ten highest grossing films ever.

And that’s not all. The Chadwick Boseman-starring vehicle is also the most successful solo hero-featuring superhero flick after pulling in $626.7 million internationally.

These accolades are just the icing on the cake for the movie’s successful run, which includes having the highest ticket presales of any superhero film and had the biggest Monday opening ever.

And the film achieved these milestones without opening at or around advantageous Christmas time. Forbes reported that of all the highest grossing films ever, eight — “Gone with the Wind,” “Titanic,” “Doctor Zhivago,” “The Exorcist,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,” “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “101 Dalmatians” and “Avatar” — opened during the pre-Christmas/Christmas season.

However, several people seem to want “Jurassic World” and “Frozen” to remain on top. Commenters have been poking holes in the achievement by pointing out inflation.

“Unless you’re adjusting for inflation these figures, ranks and headlines are meaningless,” someone said. “It’s about 35th in real times.”

“Taking inflation into account it’s not even close,” a Twitter user said.

“‘Black Panther’ is 35th adjusted for inflation, which puts it a little behind ‘Ghostbusters,’ and still a ways behind first ‘Avengers’ film,” someone else said.

However, lots of “Black Panther” fans weren’t here for others knocking the movie’s massive success. And they hit back.

“When ‘Jurassic World’ and [‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’] were setting records a few years back we didn’t get anywhere near the ‘but if you adjust for inflation!’ naysayers,” someone said.

“I’m sick of some of these smug people talking about ‘adjusted for inflation’ when it’s a Black person, movie or subject that comes out on top,” a person tweeted. “F^%k inflation!!! ‘Black Panther’ whooped all their asses in Real Time & in current dollars!!! #WAKANDAFOREVER.”

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