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Zay Jones Makes a Statement After Troubling Naked, Bloody Incident

Buffalo Bills player Zay Jones was arrested for felony vandalism earlier this month after running about naked and trying to jump through the window of his L.A. apartment. Thankfully his brother Cayleb Jones was present to restrain him until police arrived. Zay has remained quiet since the incident but broke his silence on his 23rd birthday.

The simple Instagram post shows the Bills player with his arms outstretched facing a body of water with the caption, “thankful to be alive. thankful for another year. more life.”

Zay will not face any criminal charges for the incident and his family has already covered the cost of the repairs to the apartment building. The young player received tons of support and prayers since the troubling incident and continued to receive love on his birthday.

“Hope you’re doing alright. Bless up”

“Happy birthday big homie🤙🏾”

“Sending peace to you”

“Thoughts and prayers Zay…”

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