This Black Officer’s 2-Year-Old Rap Song About Police Brutality Has White Cops Feeling Scared

Officer Atisha Samuel’s rap video may have been popular on social media, but not so much with white officers who claim to feel threatened.

Samuel is now being investigated by the NYPD for her music video in 2016, where she’s declaring “war against the white man on the beat.”

The Midtown North Precinct officer posted the controversial video just one month before joining the police force. However, she’s tried her best to delete all traces of the footage, but one clip still remains on Instagram.

In the music video Samuel is wearing a Black ski mask and t-shirt standing beside her fiance. She recites, “It’s the war against the white man on the beat — with his handguns, quick to pull out on a n–ga if he dare run… They say we gotta make America great again, we were never great, we were slaves and caged in… They see us like a gorilla in a jungle…So we gotta get it…A black ski mask and a black fitted…Got my crew and a couple hittas.”

The 26-year-old’s verse is in light of the umpteen cases of police brutality with images of Eric Garner and Sean Bell flashing across the screen.

One cop stated, “I don’t feel safe… How can I trust she will have my back?”

Another cop added, “If a white cop said that about Blacks he would be fired.”

Manhattan South Inspection investigators are reportedly looking to see if the rapper violated the “patrol guide” according to the New York Post.

Samuel has kept quiet about her music career so far and currently remains a cop on active duty.

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