Atlanta Charter School Pulls Racist Stunt Then Follows Up With An Apology

During a Black history performance on Thursday, The Kindezi School at Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta, GA was forced to apologize after the event displayed students in blackface.

The second-grade students were holding the disturbing masks while quoting poet Paul Laurence Dubar’s “We Wear the Mask” poem according to the AJC.

Parents posted videos and images of the school performance to social media and were extremely bothered by the inappropriate masks. The posts have been shared countless times with several folks shocked and dismayed by the shool’s poor decision making.

Kindezi soon released a statement after reviewing the incident, “This was a poor and inappropriate decision and we sincerely apologize and accept responsibility for the hurt, anger, frustration, and disappointment that this has caused in the Kindezi community and the community at large.”

The school emphasized that it’s “deeply committed” and will ensure ‘this never happens again.” They plan on training teachers on “cultural competency” to guarantee the “staff has a thorough understanding of our shared history regarding race and racism in America, and how to engage in productive conversations with our students and the community.”

The school has scheduled a parent meeting and plan on speaking to students about the “historical context” of the blackface masks.

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