Mike Epps Finally Gets to Take His High School Graduation Photo


Mike Epps may be a big name comic now but that doesn’t mean he’s happy to have missed out on the more mundane aspects of life.

While promoting his new biography, “Unsuccessful Thug,” Wednesday, March 28, the stand-up comedian got the chance to take the senior yearbook photo he couldn’t have decades earlier.

“Yeah, yeah! Tilt it to the side,” he says as he excitedly puts on his cap and gown. Epps had dropped out of high school to achieve his comedy dreams.

Like the anchors interviewing him, viewers happily applauded the rapper-actor for his accomplishment.

The achievement comes two years after Epps earned his high school diploma at age 45.

“My mom said today one of her dreams came true. Finally got my high school diploma. From a class clown to becoming world-renowned #nevergiveup #mikeepps #unclebuck #TechHS,” he wrote in the caption posing with his mother, Mary Reed.


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